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Drivealyzer is the Ultimate Safeguard that a vehicle will NEVER be driven by a driver not fit to drive,
but if you are looking for
random testing solutions visit our sister site

Fitting an interlock to your vehicle or equipment is the only way to be 100% sure, ALL the time, that the
person operating or driving is fit to do so.  Fitting a Drivealyzer ensures your employees are safe, the public
is protected and you have complied with your obligations under HSE, Corporate Manslaughter and
Transport Safety Legislation.  Protect yourself, your employees, the public and your business.

The cost is now so low - less than �300 per vehicle, per year - that it is difficult to justify NOT doing so.

  • Prevents drink driving - protects passengers, especially children, from inconvenience or injury

  • Protects businesses by reducing the risk of insurance claims, fleet downtime, adverse publicity or prosecution

  • Protects drivers from accidental drink driving or false accusations

  • Gives a competitive edge when tendering for contracts

  • Replacement units provided during calibration

  • Exhaustively tested by the US DoT

  • Fully Inclusive contract hire from just �5 per vehicle/week - or purchase for only �695.